We have a lot of acoustic, noise, audio, speech and hearing books including:

Digital Filter Designer's Handbook by C Britton Rorabaugh
Noise Control in Industry by Sound Research Laboratories
Introductory Digital Signal Processing by Paul A Lynn and Wolfgang Fuerst
Noise Reduction by Leo L Beranek
Reference Data for Acoustic Noise Control by W L Ghering
Noise Control in Building Services by Sound Research Laboratories
Noise and Vibration Control by Beranek
Encyclopedia of Acoustics by Malcolm J Crocker
Hearing Measurement by Joseph B Chaiklin, Ira M Ventry and Richard F Dixon
 Fundamentals of Acoustics by Lawrence E Kinsler, Austin R Frey, Alan B Coppens and James V Sanders
Environmental Noise Control by Edward B Magrab
Introducing Phonetic Science by Michael Ashby and John Maidment
Machinery Acoustics by George M Diehl
Industrial Noise Control by Bruce Fader
Speech physiology, Speech Perception and Acoustic Phonetics by Philip Lieberman and Sheila E Blumstein
Sound, Noise & Vibration Control by Lyle F Yerges
Speech Physiology and Acoustic Phonetics by Philip Lieberman
Acoustic designing in Architecture by Vern O Knudsen and Cyril M Harris
A Digital Processing Primer by Ken Steiglitz
Noise by Rupert Taylor
Noise Control by Christopher Penn
The Theory of Sound by J W S Rayleigh
Noise and Fluctuations by D K C MacDonald
Measurement & Assessment of Groundborne Noise & Vibration by ANC
Science & Music by Sir James Jeans
Architectural Acoustics Illustrated by Michael Ermann
Frequency Analysis by Bruel & Kjaer
On the Sensations of Tone by Hermann Helmholtz
Noise Final Report - Committee on the Problem of Noise
Design for Good Acoustics by J E Moore
Analytical Methods in Vibrations by Leonard Meirovitch
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation by R M E Diamant
Dictionary of Acoustics by Christopher L Morfey
A Textbook of Sound by A B Wood
Fundamentals of Noise Control Engineering by Albert Thumann and Richard K Miller
Sound by John Tyndall
Structural Acoustics and Vibration by R Ohayon and C Soize
Acoustics Noise and Buildings by P H Parkin, H R Humphreys and J R Cowell
Understanding Hearing Loss by Kenneth Lysons
Acoustics and Vibration Progress by R W B Stephens and H G Leventhall
Use of Instrumentation to Measure Vibration Affecting People by Richard Tyler
Introductory Acoustics by George Walter Stewart
Introduction to Audiology by Frederick N Martin
The Master Handbook of Acoustics by F Alton Everest
Speech Science Primer by Gloria J Borden, Katherine S Harris and Lawrence J Raphael
Acoustic Source Book by Sybil P Parker
Acoustics and Noise Control by B J Smith, R J Peters and S Owen
Environmental Noise and Vibration Measurements and Standards by Bruel and Kjaer
Acoustic Noise Measurements by Bruel and Kjaer
Mechanical Vibration and Shock Measurements by Bruel and Kjaer
 Collected Papers on Acoustics by Wallace Clement Sabine
The Physics of Speech by D B Fry
Noise in the Plastics Processing Industry by Bob Peters
Acoustic Emissions Testing by Patrick O Moore
Measuring Vibration by Bruel and Kjaer
Forensic Voice Identification by Harry Hollien
Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Human Vibration by Bruel and Kjaer
Sound Control for Homes by BRE
Environmental Control and Public Health by Open University
Measuring Sound by Bruel and Kjaer
Acoustics of Worship Spaces by Luban & Wetherill
100 Practical Applications of Noise Reduction Methods by Health and Safety Executive
Noise Control Management by Howard K Pelton
Noise Control in the Built Environment by John Roberts and Diane Fairhall 
Industrial Noise Control and Hearing Testing by Bruel and Kjaer
Digital Signal Processing by John G Proakis and Dimitris G Manolakis
Noise and Vibration Control for Industrialists by S A Petrusewicz and D K Longmore
Detailing for Acoustics by Lord and Templeton
Managing Noise and Vibration at Work by Tim South
Sounds of Our Times by Robert T Beyer
Audio & Hi-fi Engineer's Pocket Book by Vivian Capel
Digital Signal Processing by Rulph Chassaing
Acoustics in the Built Environment by Duncan Templeton
Industrial Noise Control by Lewis H Bell and Douglas H Bell
Sound Intensity by Bruel and Kjaer
Engineering Noise Control by David A Bies and Colin H Hansen
Acoustics in the Worship Space by Scott R Riedel
Noise Control in Buildings by Randall McMullan
Sound Engineer's Pocket Book by Michael Talbot-Smith
Audio Control Handbook by Robert S Oringel
Digital Signal Processing by Stephen B Morris
Signal, Audio and Image Processing by Dr Hedaia Mahmood Al-Assouli
Woods Practical Guide to Noise Control by Ian Sharland
Noise & Vibration Measurements for Environmental Health Officers by Bruel and Kjaer
Noise and Noise Control by M J Crocker and A J Price
Handbook of Noise Control by Harris
Acoustics and the Built Environment by Anita Lawrence
Noise Control in Industry by W A Hines 
Recursive Digital Filters by Stefan Hollos and J Richard Hollos
Noise Control by Bruel and Kjaer
Digital Audio Signal Processing by Udo Zolzer
Environmental and Architectural Acoustics by Z Maekawa, J H Rindel and P Lord
Envelope Design for Buildings by William Allen
Acoustic Measurements by Leo Beranek
Acoustics of Long Spaces by Jian Kang
Elements of Acoustical Engineering by Harry Olson
Introduction to Acoustics by Roy Ford 
Building Acoustics by Roy Ford, Peter Lord and Brian Day