The Little Red Book of Acoustics

First published in 2007, The Little Red Book of Acoustics: A Practical Guide remains an industry-standard textbook. Appreciated by professionals and beginners alike for being clear and straightforward, our book has also been included in recommended reading lists for IOA courses.

4th edition (2024)

The 4th edition of The Little Red Book of Acoustics: A Practical Guide is due to be published in 2024.  It will include recent updates to standards like BS8233 and BS4142, in addition to providing some calculation tables.

A link to purchase the book direct from our distribution partner will be provided here when the book is available.

3rd edition (2013)

Out of print

ISBN 9780956001221

2nd edition (2008)

Out of print

ISBN 9780956001207

1st edition (2007)

Out of print


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