Blue Tree Acoustics routinely works on sites in and around Leeds and its metropolitan outskirts.

Blue Tree Acoustics is the principal firm offering sound insulation testing in Leeds.  We have two senior consultants, both of whom are Robust Details Senior inspectors.  Each one also has either been or currently is an Association of Noise Consultants examiner.  We deliver correct sound test results in Leeds from our Sheffield base.  

Planning noise assessments in Leeds are another area where we provide high quality level noise assessments.  Road traffic noise, rail noise, bar/pub/club noise are all assessed competently.  We also give advice for schools and other educational or recreational settings.

We undertake BS4142 assessments for industrial and/or commercial sound that might impact on nearby residential accommodation, or perhaps upon a school or nursing home.  BS4142 assessments have been undertaken by Blue Tree Acoustics in Leeds since 2008, initially under the previous BS4142:1997 version while it was in force, then BS4142:2014, and presently BS4142:2014 + A1:2019.  Correct assessment of ambient levels, residual levels, specific levels, rating levels, as well as background noise levels is essential in order to find the level of impact that might be caused by the specific noise source.  BS4142 noise assessments in Leeds can apply to plant noise, mechanical services noise, fork lift noise, and noise from many different types of operations, including factories.

Bars and clubs operating in Leeds have the potential to impact on dwellings, and we have investigated and advised on these issues many times before, whether in Headingley or the Headrow and Park Row, we have assisted with noisy and noise sensitive development in Leeds many times.  

We also deal with wide ranging sites and issues such as piling noise and vibration and whether the glazing and ventilation installed in a dwelling sufficiently attenuates rail noise. 

We have worked in all over the area including Sherburn, Skelton Lake and Morley.