Recent project examples across the UK

Project examples in England

Some of our recent projects in England include working on: A basement casino development in Manchester noise survey advice and compliance testing. A series of secondary schools across London and the south east, including noise surveys and acoustic advice for architects.  Wedding venue noise impacting on residents in North Yorkshire.  Planning permission for a large multi-use development in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  Dog kennel noise assessment in Boston.  Proposed bar noise transmission issue in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  Yoga studio planning issues in South Yorkshire including noise surveys. Many residential sound surveys and noise assessments for developments in Barnsley, Rotherham, Hull, and Leeds.  Industrial noise impact assessment in Lincolnshire. Battery energy storage system sites in Newcastle and Gateshead planning noise surveys.  Water treatment works noise assessments in Hull and Doncaster.  Residential development near existing MUGA sports pitches in Harrogate planning and noise assessment and reporting.  Noise impact assessment for primary school in London with aircraft noise and recreation and sport noise.  Sound insulation advice in Lincoln. Heat pump noise surveys and noise assessments in Shropshire and Pickering / Malton / Ryedale.  Assessment of clay pigeon shooting range noise in Derbyshire and Humberside.  Food storage plant noise survey and assessment in Hull. Residential noise complaints in Normanton, Leeds and Wakefield.  Concert noise monitoring in Leicester.  Residential development in east London. Heat pump noise impact issues in Yorkshire. Robust Details inspections in Harrogate. Multi-use retail development in Rutland.  Concert noise monitoring in Essex.  Sound Insulation testing in Sheffield and Leeds.  Validation testing for BB93 for school in Sussex.  Kirklees / Mirfield ambient noise survey. Assessment of rail noise near Boston. Anaerobic Digester assessment Leicestershire.  EIA Screening and Scoping West Yorkshire. Building Regulations investigation and testing in York. Multi-use office and residential development in Sheffield City Centre.  Robust Details site visits in Lincolnshire and Cheshire. Nightclub / wine bar noise assessment and limiter setting.  Leicester public house planning application.

Project examples in Scotland

Some of our recent projects in Scotland include working on: Sound insulation testing of dwellings in the Grampians and Dundee.  Investigation of noise from a tourist boat in Loch Ness, Highlands. Restaurant noise impact on residents in Edinburgh, Midlothian. Student residential development sound insulation testing in Dundee.  Plant sound surveys and noise assessment in Dumfries.  We are authorised to undertake sound insulation testing in Scotland - most firms are not. 

Project examples in Wales

Some of our recent projects in Wales include working on: Farming noise impact assessment, primarily pig farming noise, in Powys. Takeaway planning investigation and acoustic design advice in Ceredigion.  Audio analysis in South Wales.  Wind turbine ETSU-R-97 noise assessment North Wales.